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For a Happy Father’s Day, start him off with a happy healthy beard.  Dragon's Blood Beard Wash is the perfect choice for "the dad with the beard." He’ll use it, he’ll appreciate it and you can feel confident you got him the perfect gift.


This Beard Wash is very thick! Shake very well and use just a small amount pea to dime size depending on beard length because very little goes a LONG way. 


Size: 6oz


Made in USA. Bottled in BPA free plastic. No sulfates. Never Animal Tested!

Dragon's Blood Beard Wash

SKU: buck-ridge-dragon's-blood-bear601554864
  • 5 - 7 business days

  • Best used daily to wash your beard, helps to remove waxes and oils. Use a small amount and massage into facial hair, wait two minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not get in eyes. Flush eyes with cool water to relive any stinging. Do not consume.

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