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Hygge Style

In our new era of overconsumption, the new trend is less. However, the cold minimalistic interiors with no “homie” feel have been done a thousand times, and now, it’s all about getting back this warm cozy feeling back in our interiors.

Here are our tips to help you get the Danish lifestyle of coziness in your interior without any stress or headache.

What is hygge? (pronpunced hoo-ga)

Hygge is the Danish and Norwegian word for a feeling of coziness and well-being. What mostly characterizes those interiors that can be described as Hygge are pale neutral tones of white, beige, light grey, and wooden materials around the house, and a warm hot chocolate in your hands. All of this with a nice beige or egg-white huge scarf that you wrap yourself in while sitting comfortably on your sofa. 

The idea behind hygge is to feel well, and let go of the things that overwhelm you in your everyday environment. To do so, minimalistic interior feels are prioritized, without compromising on the feeling of coziness: the interior is now decorated with a few candles, a few books, one nice lamp, and a bouquet of dried flowers. No more little boxes and miniatures that your parents have been giving you every Christmas and that you keep for the sake of not hurting feelings. No more bright and half-functioning stereos that take over the whole space of the living room, or of a multicolored chest drawer that is covered by DVD disks that your new TV cannot even read.