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Dead Duck Tired Night Light

Updated: Feb 13

If the stress of racing around this holiday season has beaten you down, our Dead Tire Duck night light you might identity with.

How to Decrease Holiday Stress and Burnout

When you think about “the holidays” (whatever holidays you celebrate) what are some of the first things to come to mind? Those two words probably produce all kinds of memories and emotional reactions peppered with jolly media images. If you are like most people, you are feeling a mix of excitement, stress, and anxiety.

This is supposed to be a joyful and spiritual time of year filled with sharing, warmth, giving, and feelings of gratitude. Right? Well, for a lot of people, the idea of shopping, cooking, hosting, parties, traveling, and dragging kids around is stressful and overwhelming. If you are entering the holiday season already tired, over-worked, and over-scheduled, the holidays can feel like over-load; like a parade of awkward uncles, indigestion, obligation, and endless hours spent waiting in line. If you are more then stressed around this time of year, then you may even be experiencing burnout. The first thing you need to do is admit how you really feel about the holiday season and then find ways to turn this back into a special time of year filled with relaxation, slowing down your pace, reconnecting, and creating an experience that allows you to connect with the true spirit of this time of the year.

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