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Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving Oranges

We are thankful for finding this fun, plus easy peasy make together. Our thanks goes way back to 2010 and Shannon's Shanonigins for her inspiration. Once again, we thank you Shannon for our years of orange slice oranges. If you prefer, these Thanksgiving Oranges could be made ahead to be used as table favors. It has been a tradition at our house of gathering the family and making them together on Thanksgiving Day.

For each pumpkin you will need 7-8 orange slices and 2 green gumdrops. Using scissors cut the orange slice on both sides to puff it out to exaggerate its wedge shape. The slice on the right is before cutting and the one on the left is after cutting. You need to do this for 2 reasons: 1. First to expose the sticky candy which works as glue. 2. This will achieve the pumpkin shape. Push the pieces together. Don't be afraid to mold them and push them into the pumpkin shape. If one of your lobes is too big, just trim more off with your scissors. For the stem of the pumpkin, roll out one of the green gumdrops until it's nice and sticky. Now use that as the glue to hold the other gumdrop in place on the top of your pumpkin.



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