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How Big of a Swiftie Are You? Take Our Ultimate Fan Quiz!

Updated: Jul 10

Calling all Taylor Swift enthusiasts! Get comfy, next ready to put your Swiftie knowledge to the test? Whether you've been a dedicated fan since her country days or joined the fandom during the "Midnights" era, this quiz will help you determine just how dedicated of a Swiftie you truly are. Plus, we've got some exciting merch to help you show off your Taylor Swift love!

1. Taylor's Discography

Let's start with the basics. How many of Taylor's albums can you name without looking them up? Don't forget to include her re-recordings!

1-3 albums: Casual listener

4-6 albums: Growing fan

7-9 albums: Dedicated Swiftie

10+ albums: Ultimate fan status

2. Easter Eggs and Hidden Messages

Taylor is known for her clever hints and hidden messages. How many Easter eggs can you typically spot in her music videos or social media posts?

None: Still learning the Swiftie ways

A few obvious ones: You're catching on

Most of them: You've got a keen eye

All of them, plus theories for future releases: You're basically Taylor's secret twin

3. Concert Attendance

Have you experienced the magic of a Taylor Swift concert?

Never been to a concert: There's always the next tour!

Attended one tour: You've got the concert bug

Multiple tours: Seasoned concert-goer

Every tour since you became a fan: Ultimate dedication

4. Merch Collection

Speaking of showing your Swiftie pride, let's talk merch! How extensive is your collection?

A few albums: Just getting started

Some official merch: Building your collection

A dedicated Taylor Swift section in your closet: Serious fan

Your entire wardrobe is Taylor-inspired: You're living the Swiftie life

For those looking to expand their Swiftie wardrobe, check out our exclusive Swifty baseball caps at Naughty Gnome. Perfect for concert days or everyday wear, these caps are a stylish way to show your Taylor Swift love!

5. Friendship Bracelet Game

If you've been to the Eras Tour or watched videos online, you know all about the friendship bracelet phenomenon. How's your bracelet game?

What friendship bracelets?: Time to get crafting!

Made a few for yourself: Embracing the trend

Created bracelets for friends and trading at concerts: Full Swiftie mode

Your arms are covered in bracelets 24/7: You're basically a walking Taylor Swift album

Want to up your friendship bracelet game? Naughty Gnome offers adorable Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelets. They're perfect for trading at concerts or sharing with your fellow Swifties!

6. Lyrics Knowledge

Time to test your lyrics expertise. Can you complete these lines?

"I'm only seventeen, I don't know..."

"I'm dancing on my own, I make the..."

"Cause baby, I could build a..."

"I'm feeling 22..."

If you filled in all those blanks without hesitation, you're definitely in the running for top Swiftie status!

7. Taylor's Cats

True Swifties know Taylor's furry friends. Can you name all of her cats?

1 cat: Casual observer

2 cats: Getting warmer

All 3 cats: True cat lady appreciation

8. Taylor's Eras

Taylor's style has evolved dramatically over the years. How many of her distinct "eras" can you name and describe?

  • 1-2 eras: Casual observer

  • 3-4 eras: Growing fan

  • 5-7 eras: Dedicated follower

  • 8+ eras: Fashion historian Swiftie

9. Swiftie Lingo

True Swifties have their own language. How many of these terms can you define?

  • Tayvoodoo

  • Blondie

  • Track 5

  • Easter egg

  • Swiftmas

  • 0-1 terms: Newbie Swiftie

  • 2-3 terms: You're learning the lingo

  • 4-5 terms: Fluent in Swiftie-speak

Want to show off your Swiftie knowledge? Our Taylor Swift friendship bracelets at Naughty Gnome feature beads with popular Swiftie terms. They're perfect for connecting with other fans who speak your language!

10. Taylor's Lucky Number

What's Taylor's famous lucky number, and how many times can you spot it in her work and life?

  • Don't know the number: Time to brush up on your Taylor trivia

  • Know the number but can't spot it often: You're onto something

  • Can point out multiple occurrences in songs, albums, and merch: You've got a keen eye

  • See it everywhere and incorporate it into your own life: Next-level Swiftie dedication

Now that you've answered all ten questions, let's see where you stand on the Swiftie scale:

  • 0-3 high-scoring answers: Casual Fan

  • 4-6 high-scoring answers: Dedicated Swiftie

  • 7-9 high-scoring answers: Super Fan

  • 10 high-scoring answers: Ultimate Swiftie Status Achieved!

Results: Tally up your answers! The more detailed and enthusiastic your responses, the bigger Swiftie you are. But remember, being a fan isn't about competition – it's about enjoying the music and connecting with other fans. No matter where you fall on the Swiftie spectrum, you can always show your Taylor Swift pride with our Swifty baseball caps and friendship bracelets. They're the perfect accessories for your next concert or listening party! Are you ready to level up your Swiftie game? Head on over to Naughty Gnome to check out our Taylor Swift-inspired merch and let your fan flag fly high!



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