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How to Clean Dirty Stained Hands

How those hands got so dirty should remain your business. How to get them clean again, let us offer a few tips.

First off make friends with Filthy Human Hand Soap and a little water. Add a nail brush to the mix to remove as much as possible.

So you say the awful stains remain? That does sometimes happen we know. Here are some helpful hints for the extra tough stains.


  1. Use a homemade sugar scrub: in a bowl, combine equal parts of sugar, baking soda, and olive oil. Scrub your hands well, then moisturize!

  2. Denture tablets work amazingly well. Crush one while still in its packet, wet your hands, pour on some of the crushed tablet then rub your hands together.

  3. Try using a foot pumice.

  4. Emory boards work wonders. Buff your skin with it lightly (don’t go to crazy in one spot), then soak your hands in lemon juice.

  5. Did we say lemon juice? Take a cut lemon and work it under your nails and over your hands.

  6. Make a scrub with lemon juice and baking soda.

  7. Try hydrogen peroxide: soak your hands in diluted peroxide for a few minutes, then rinse and moisturize.

  8. Olive oil and sugar scrub

  9. Mom will love you with this one. Wash dishes! Dawn dish soap takes out anything! Even the oil off a diesel mechanic’s hands.

  10. Wash your hair. Your hands are usually stain free and fully moisturized after this one

Please let us know which one of these tips works best for you.

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