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Love Birds - Share Some Love

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not make some Valentine hearts for your feathered friends. We will see if ours turn out as pretty as the inspirational hearts from Natural Beach Living.

P.S. Only a few items are necessary.

2 cups Fruit Loops Cereal

3-5 Pipe Cleaners - red or

Natural color twine

Easy peasy!

Debbie at One Little Project makes these Heart shapede seed ornaments and will show you how to make them also.

Hope that you give these a try and share some Valentine love with the birds.

Here in the northland many bird species migrate south during the winter; however there are quite a few birds that stick around through the cold and snow. As you can imagine, our cold snowy winter weather limits the food sources. You can help provide your flying friends with nutrition and energy during the cold months when food is difficult for themto find.

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