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How To Secret Santa 2023 - The Complete Guide

Updated: Jun 8

How to Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Folks are always asking us what is Secret Santa? Next, how do we organize a Secret Santa gift exchange?

Starting Point

Begin with a group of friends, neighbors, club members, classmates, family or coworkers.

Draw names for your Secret Santa

With your list of participants write all their names and email addresses on slips of paper then place them into a hat or box. Make sure that they are mixed up well. Each participant then draws a random name of the person for whom they will buy a gift. Be sure to stress that is this is top secret and never tell anyone which name was picked.

But of course, you don’t have to do it all with papers and hats anymore, now you can draw and create wish lists easily online using a Secret Santa generator!

Set a budget

Set the budget to something small-ish. No more than $15. for example should be enough to cover a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. Encourage folks to get as creative as possible. The gift could reflect their personality, interests, or is relevant to a particular joke that you share. This is where the fun begins! Check out Naughty Gnome for a little bit naughty gifts sure to bring a smile to the group.

In some cases though, if something is absolutely perfect and everyone would get a kick out of it, going over budget might be excused.

Set the theme for your gift exchange

You can set a theme that everyone should adhere to – such as fragrances, mugs, socks, ornaments, – or you can make it more ambiguous by saying all the gifts have to be a certain color. This has been a fun one: “Something to hang in your Livingroom” to “Something you pour” Make this as adult or PG as you choose.

The term Secret Santa is meant to give someone the gift anonymously. Now the fun begins with guess who your Secret Santa is.

Hint: there is an app to simplify Secret Santa and it is FREE.

Download: Santa's Secret Keeper for Android | iOS

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