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An Eggstraordinary Chicken Butt Lamp!

Are you tired of ordinary lamps that just sit there, lighting up your room without a single cluck of excitement? Here's a lamp that's sure to peck its way into your heart and nest on your bedside table! Imagine this: a proud, plucky chicken perched on your desk, diligently laying a egg that's actually a light bulb. Yes, you read that right! This isn't just any chicken. It's a luminary legend in the making, combining the rustic charm of farm life with the illuminating prowess of a 21st-century LED.

So, what's up?  Chicken Butt.

Material: resin

Petite Size: 6.1"D x 2.4"W x 5.8"H



Chicken Butt Lamp - What's UP?

$26.50 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price
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  • This captivating egg lamp runs on a USB charging cable, making it effortlessly portable and perfect for various settings, whether on a bedside table, desk, or  end table. Its wide base ensures it remains stable and upright, adding charm without the wobble.

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