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With her retired status, the Collectable Fancy Nancy Doll, had all the time in the world to perfect her style, and boy, does she know how to rock it! Whether she's sporting a fuchsia feathered boa, a tiara made of gummy bears, or a tutu made from recycled unicorn dreams, this doll is a walking fashion statement that'll make even the most fashion-forward adult green with envy. She will arrive to you as she is dressed today in her traditional hot pink glitter tutu with ribbons in her pink tutu skirt, yellow fuzzy slippers, and a tiara with butterflies and bows in her hair. She also has on her fancy glasses. Because when it comes to fancy, this doll is the crème de la crème!

18" tall


Fancy Nancy Doll by Madame Alexander

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  • Fancy Nancy is a Famous Storybook Character from popular children's book, Fancy Nancy. Written by Jane O'Conner. She comes dressed as a Ballerina in her Pink Sparkle Tutu with Ribbon Streamers, Faux Fur Ballet Shoes, Pink shimmer Sunglasses, and Gold Tiara. Fancy makes a great play doll soft and lightweight with removeable clothes with yellow fuzzy ballet shoes.   

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