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The Kuska is a Handmade Wooden Cup that has almost a sacred status among traditional hikers and bushcrafters. Many claim that it actually originates here from Finland but we think it is safer to say that it has Nordic origins. The saying goes something like this: every self-respecting outdoorsman should craft their Kuksa by themselves. No time for crafting? We have the solution right here!




100% NATURAL AND ECO FRIENDLY: you do not have to worry about harmful plastics or chemicals.



Do not wash your  cup with detergent or in a dishwasher.

Kuska Handmade Wooden Cup

  • Hand wash & dry it before initial use.

    Oil Regularly: Dry wood has a tendency to crack, so keep you Kuksa oiled up to avoid this. Just use a TINY bit, and rub it in like mad.

    No extreme temperatures: Give your boiling liquids a few minutes to cool down before pouring it into your Kuksa. Also avoid microwaves and dishwashers.

    Do not wash your  cup with detergent.

  • Special Order: Handmade - 4 to 6 weeks