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Whether gifting or collecting these Hangin With My Gnomies socks will look sweet on the feet. Oh, boy! Do you feel like you're lacking a bit of gnome in your life? Well, fret not my friend, because Hangin With My Gnomies socks have got you covered (literally)!

Or, slip them over wine bottles for a fast fun gift wrap. These cute socks also make great stocking stuffers.


One size fits most.

Fabric: cotton, nylon, spandex



#GnomeLover #SockSwag #HanginWithMyGnomies or should we say, SOCKn' With My Gnomies! (sorry, we had to gnome-ify that pun!)

Hangin With My Gnomies Socks

  • FREE Fast Delivery: Usually 3 days

  •  Machine wash on cold with like colors. Do bot Bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

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