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Manly Mann Bottle Stopper is the perfect way to preserve your wine and show off your macho side! This silicone bottle stopper is shaped like a little man, complete with an imaginary chiseled chest. He's the perfect companion for your favorite bottle of red or white. He'll keep your wine fresh while adding a touch of masculinity to your kitchen. Not only is the Mr. Manly Mann Stopper a functional accessory, but he's also a great conversation starter. Imagine the envy on your friends' faces when they see this little dude holding down the fort on top of your wine bottle.


So if you're tired of boring, uninspired bottle stoppers, upgrade to the Manly Stopper today. He'll guard your wine with his manly strength and keep you and your guests entertained for hours. Cheers to that!


Size: 2.5 x 1 x 5 inches


Mr. Manly Mann Bottle Stopper

  • Usually 3 - 5 days

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