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Tortilla Swaddle Wrap Set For Babies. Okay, you know your baby looks good enough to eat. Now she can dress the part with this fiesta-worthy tortilla swaddle wrap. Soft 100% cotton flannel tortilla will envelop your cutie keeping her cuddled, secure, and looking deliciously adorable.  A matching hat provides the perfect topping! When it comes to standout baby gifts, this set is the whole enchilada. 

Not intended for sleepwear.


Newborn to 4months

Dimensions: 33-1/2" round


Material: flannel


Hint: Simply put, swaddling is the practice of gently wrapping baby securely in a receiving baby blanket with only their head peeking out. Swaddling is safe for newborns as their body is safely snug inside the muslin swaddle and makes baby feels like he/she is still inside the womb.

Tortilla Swaddle Wrap For Babies - 2 Piece Set

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