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Best Tips For Business Travel 2023

Updated: May 4

Are you embarking on a business trip soon? While you may remember to pack your professional attire and electronic devices, you might overlook crucial items such as business cards and a USB drive. Review our compilation of frequently forgotten essentials as you prepare for your next corporate journey. BUSINESS CARDS Be sure to stash business cards in your wallet, purse, briefcase, and even your carry-on. You never know when you'll encounter someone eager to exchange contact details. FLASH DRIVE Not only is a flash drive useful for storing presentations and reports, but it also facilitates document transfer between computers.

TECHNOLGY ESSENTIALS Bring your laptop, phone, chargers, and any necessary adapters. If you're presenting or attending meetings, bring any necessary cables or devices like a projector or clicker. Important: Keep your phone and laptop charged. Keep your chargers in your carry-on luggage, and if you notice the battery on either device getting low, plug them as soon as you’re near a power outlet. HAND SANITIZER As you'll likely shake many hands and interact with numerous people during your business trip, it's imperative to stock up on hand sanitizer to avoid illness. NOTEPADS & PENS Who knows when inspiration may strike or when you'll need to jot down someone's phone number? Keep paper and pens accessible in your carry-on or briefcase.

WORKOUT/CASUAL CLOTHES Although professional attire is typically top of mind for business travel, remember to bring workout or casual clothes for leisure time or exercise. DRESS SOCKS & BELT While slacks, skirts, and blazers are easy to remember when packing, smaller items like dress socks and a belt are often forgotten. Pro-tip: stuff socks and a belt inside your dress shoes to conserve suitcase space.

TOILETRIES Bring the essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner. If you're flying, make sure to pack these in your checked luggage or in containers that comply with airline regulations. GUM OR MINTS Bad breath can ruin a first impression, so pack gum or mints to freshen your breath after meals and before meetings. CORPORATE CREDIT CARD & CASH If you have a corporate credit card, don't forget it. Additionally, bringing cash can simplify tipping, cab rides, and splitting bills. Keep receipts and document expenses if you plan to seek reimbursement.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Make sure you have your passport, ID, boarding pass, and any necessary visas or work permits.

ENTERTAINMENT Bring a book, magazine, or your favorite music to keep you entertained during downtime.

SNACKS Pack some snacks like granola bars or trail mix in case you don't have time for a meal or if you get hungry during a long flight or layover.

LUGGAGE Bring a carry-on and checked luggage that is appropriate for the length of your trip and the type of business you'll be conducting. Make sure to pack efficiently to avoid overpacking and to leave room for any items you might purchase on your trip.

DAY BAG OR TOTE A foldable bag keeps you prepared for shopping or stashing swag.

MEDICATIONS If you need to take medication regularly, it's important to have a system in place to help you remember to take your medication. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use a pill organizer: Invest in a pill organizer that has separate compartments for each day of the week. Fill the organizer before you leave for your trip, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to pack your medication.

  2. Set reminders: If you use a smartphone, set reminders to go off at the times you need to take your medication. You can also set alarms on your watch or use a reminder app on your phone.

  3. Keep medication in a visible place: Keep your medication in a place where you'll see it every day, such as on your nightstand or next to your toothbrush. This will serve as a visual reminder to take your medication.

  4. Keep medication with you: When you're traveling, keep your medication with you in your carry-on bag or purse. Don't check your medication in your luggage in case it gets lost or delayed.

Personal Experience Hint: Bring a change of clothing in your carry-on bag. Accidents happen, just ask me. Fellow travelers and turbulence often cause spills and stains on your clothes. Even if you’re only going on a short day trip, be on the safe side. Keep a change of clothing in your carry-on bag in the case of emergency.

What items are crucial for your business trips? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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